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Performance Purist is home to a dynamic team of coaches who constantly pursue perfection in their field.

Purist Coaches

Joshua Profile


co-founder, Strength & Conditioning Specialist

For those in the strength and conditioning field, Josh requires no introduction. As Head Coach and co-owner, Josh is easily one of the most decorated and successful coaches in the country. His skillset is of the highest level, extremely diverse and has a track record of developing individuals to their peak physical capacity. His array of both sporting and coaching accolades spans through a multitude of sports disciplines ranging from Athletics to Powerlifting, Running to Mixed Martial Arts, Cycling to Crossfit, Rugby to Golf and the list goes on. Josh possesses the unique ability to truly identify each individuals’ strengths and weaknesses along with the know how to create the most optimal plan of action.

Darryn Profile

Darryn Anthony

co-founder, weightlifting specialist

For anyone looking to advance their strength, Darryn is your best option. As a former Olympian in Weightlifting, World medalist in Powerlifting and being involved in the strength game as an athlete or coach for close to 25 years, Darryn possesses an in-depth knowledge of developing strength, along with the precise experience of competitive lifting. Darryn’s passion lies within seeing each athlete develop beyond what they ever thought possible

Dylan Profile

dylan van houten

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Dylan is one of the most precise coaches out there. His attention to detail is second to none. He is an absolute master in understanding and developing key movement patterns within the body. Dylan’s extensive knowledge, combined with his rather unique array of physical accomplishments, which range from Olympic Weightlifting to Iron Man, Powerlifting to Mixed Martial Arts, provide a rather unique understanding in how to best develop the body in pursuit of better-quality movements, enhanced strength, and an overall improvement of the body’s ability to progress.

Dom Profile

Dominic kester

Strength & conditioning specialist

Dom has grown exponentially over the past few years as both a fantastic coach, as well as a key part of the Performance Purist coaching unit. Dom comes equipped with not only a passion for strength and conditioning but also the real-life experience as both athlete and coach in Rowing, at National and Provincial levels. Dom has seen some of his athletes develop rapidly over the past 2 years, merely a testament to his excellent coaching style.

Simon Profile

simon curtis


Simon is our latest exciting addition to our coaching panel. At Performance Purist, we are extremely particular about who we select as a fit to represent our brand. We require an individual that is coachable and hungry to learn, provides experience in their particular field of expertise and presents the ethos that reflects our brand. Simon is all of the above. Simon has been competing in Weightlifting for the past 8 years, since his Youth. From day one he has shown his determination and discipline to progress, all the while dedicating his life to sports performance and the associated learning required. Simon is one of the most passionate coaches you’ll find, with a keen interest to see every one of his athletes develop.

Personal trainers

Mich Profile

Michelle Letcher

Strength & lifestyle Specialist

Michelle is the embodiment of health and lifestyle. She is a diligent worker in herself and has the ability to enhance her client’s lifestyles for the better. Despite her fit and petite frame, Michelle is well versed in the strength world, having competed, and medaled at World Powerlifting Championships. She comes with the knowledge to greatly assist members looking for health, wellness, and fat loss.

If you would like to meet or chat to any one of our team, please feel free to reach out!

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