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A 10 week challenge done the Performance Purist way.

During the 10 weeks we will focus not only on nutrition, but also on training our members to perform the Performance strength challenge at the end of the period. We want our clients to be more educated space regarding their nutrition, understanding what they need personally, what is optimal for them individually to not only perform but to get into the best shape possible.


What exactly is the Performance strength challenge? A simple test of a person's 1RM deadlift, max rep pull-ups or pull up iso-hold, and the mighty 5 min kettlebell snatch test. The best bang for buck strength and conditioning test.

Jumping on the following links will allow you to either receive access to the nutrition app that will educate you and guide you in the nutritional direction you need. Or you can take up our 1;1 coaching option to really level up, having all the app access as the first option but with the added support, calls and feedback with a coach to have in your corner.

The choice is yours.

Performance Nutrition Challenge

Performance Nutrition Challenge
+ 1:1 Coaching

So what are you waiting for?
Let's make the most of these next few cold weeks and look to level up as we head into spring.

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