about us.

who we are & what we do.

Performance Purist is a Strength and Conditioning brand that was created in 2018 by Joshua Capazorio and Darryn Anthony with the objective of delivering strength and performance for everyone that seeks it out. Both Joshua and Darryn are former National athletes, with a combined coaching experience that spans more than three decades. The brand was created to aid in developing all members, regardless of level, to be the very best version of themselves. With that in mind, we have successfully developed a culture of hard yet smart work. The brand caters for a massive array of physical pursuits, whether it be simply improving basic movements, increasing fitness, developing real strength, facilitating fat loss and better body compositions, or guiding elite athletes to peak performance in their individual disciplines, we have successfully proven time and time again that we have a training solution for you.

We have two incredible facilities – one based in the Decathlon Sports Hub in Bryanston and the other in Poplar Park in Riverclub. Each of these facilities has been specifically designed to cater to the individual needs of our members. Whether it be strength, endurance, speed, or even something hyper-specific, we can tailor a bespoke workout plan for you.

We have and continue to guide all our members to achieve their goals and beyond. We proudly house a group of the highest-level athletes in South Africa, across multiple disciplines and backgrounds. Our expertise in developing all physical attributes is ever expanding, ultimately resulting in an unmatched ethos of excellence and development.

As a training model, we are confident that we have found the sweet spot in assisting members to identify the goals that are both important and true to them, accompanied with the ability to put the correct plan in action to achieve those goals, thereafter guiding and motivating members to follow through and maintain those gains or identifying further areas for growth.

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